Global Chick Lit

GLOBAL CHICK LIT – A List of Primary and Secondary Sources

  • General

Wenche Ommundsen, “Sex and the Global City: Chick Lit with a Difference” Contemporary Women’s Writing 5.2 (2011): 107-124.

  • Chinese ‘Chick Lit’

Wei Hui, Shanghai Baby (1999)

Cover Image

Film Adaptation

Podcast – “Likened to ‘Sex and the City,’ Chinese Drama ‘Ode to Joy’ Pushes Cultural Boundaries” (August 24, 2017).

Eva Chen, “Shanghai(ed) Babies: Geopolitics, Biopolitics and the Global Chick Lit” Feminist Media Studies 12.2 (2012): 214-228.

  • Indian ‘Chick Lit’

Nirupama Subramanian, Keeping the Change (2010)

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Srijanee Roy, “Indian Chick Lit: Desiring or Deriding the “Other”?” in Gendering the Narrative: Indian English Fiction and Gender Discourse. Ed. Nibedita Mukherjee (2015): 43-51.

  • Saudi Arabian ‘Chick Lit’

Rajaa Alsanea, Girls of Riyadh (2005)

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Arebi, Saddeka. Women and Words in Saudi Arabia: Unveiling the Female Identity in Rajaa Alsanea’s Girls of Riyadh. Columbia University Press (1994).

Booth, Marilyn. ““The Muslim Woman” as Celebrity Author and the Politics of Translating Arabic Girls of Riyadh Go on the Road.” Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies 6.3 (2010): 149-182.
  • African American ‘Chick Lit’

Terry McMillan, Waiting to Exhale (1992)

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Film Adaptation

Lisa A. Guerrero, “’Sistahs Are Doin’ It for Themselves’: Chick Lit in Black and White” in Chick Lit: The New Woman’s Fiction, Ed. Suzanne Ferriss and Mallory Young (2006).

  • Latin American ‘Chick Lit’

Laura Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate (1989)

Jane the Virgin, TV series (2014-2017)

Yael Halevi-Wise, “Story-telling in Laura Esquivel’s Como Agua Para Chocolate” in The Other Mirror: Women’s Narrative in Mexico, 1980-1995, Ed. Kristine Ibsen (1997).

Kristine Ibsen, “On Recipes, Reading and Revolution: Postboom Parody in Como agua para chocolate  in The Other Mirror.