Resources & Further Reading


Discovering Literature – The British Library – an online resource that pairs images of literary artifacts with explanatory articles and videos.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Oxford English Dictionary

June 5 – Women & Popular Fiction

The Origins of the Gothic Gothic Motifs  – The British Library

Penny Dreadfuls – The British Library

“The Shocking Tale of the Penny Dreadful” – BBC

Dime Novels – Stanford University

“Dime Novels are Finding a New Audience in the Digital Age” – NPR

American Women’s Dime Novel Project

The Pulp Magazines Project

“Pulp’s Big Moment” The New Yorker

Romance Writers of America

“Beyond Bodice Rippers”The Atlantic

“Book Publishing’s Naughty Secret” – The Economist

June 12 – Women, Reading, and Education

Female Education, Reading, and Jane Austen – The British Library

A Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792), Mary Wollstonecraft – See modern edition here and a details on the British Library copy here.

Sermons to Young Women (1766), James Fordyce – See details on the British Library copy here.

June 19 – The Marriage Plot

Courtship, Love, and Marriage in Jane Austen – The British Library

A Map of the Land of Matrimony – The British Library

Status, Rank, and Class in Jane Austen’s Novels – The British Library

The Economics of Jane AustenThe Atlantic

June 26 – Clever Women, Funny Women

The Plight of the Funny Female The Atlantic

Why Women Aren’t FunnyVanity Fair

Women in Comedy: Why is there still a lack of visible female comedians?Huffington Post

Bossypants by Tina Fey – New York Times Review

The Bridget Jones Online Archive

July 3 – Women, Literature, and the Marketplace

Vogue Magazine – A History

Vanity Fair Magazine – A History

“I’ll Read What She’s Reading: Hysterical Literature,” Vanity Fair July 15 2015.

The Rake Magazine

Godey’s Lady’s Book – Accessible Archive

Godey’s Lady’s Book – 1874 Google Books

July 17 – Thinking Outside the Shoebox

Radclyffe LGBTQ Publisher