Assignment 1

Oral Presentation on a Popular Fiction Genre                                                 Due June 5th or June 12th

Please research your assigned popular genre and prepare a 5-7 minute presentation to share with the class.

Genres to be discussed on 6/5:

The Gothic Novel
The Dime Novel
The Penny Dreadful
Pulp Magazines and Pulp Fiction
The Romance Novel

Genres to be discussed on 6/12:

The Novel of Manners
The Courtship Novel

In your presentation please address the following questions:

What are the components of the genre? How is the genre defined?
Where and when did the genre originate?
Who is the intended audience of this genre?
What does a representative book of this genre look like?

Please post one or several images or links in the comments section below!

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  1. Hey, everyone, I’ll be presenting on pulp fiction today. was an invaluable resource for me here. They have thousands and thousands of covers of pulp magazines.

    Here three covers I’ll be discussing specifically today:

    True Detective

    Frontier Stories

    Birth of a Tramp

    The Pulp Magazines Project has an extensive archive of actual pulp magazine issues.

    I also found this relatively recent article from the pop culture site The A.V. Club to be a good source for giving a concise and relevant backstory on pulp magazines.

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